Episode 96 - RP in the Stream

This week we welcome Arcania from Warpriestess. We talk a ton about RP, of course! News includes the usual Cataclysm updates (Spoiler Alert!) and we’ve got a couple of emails and such to boot.



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Resource Site Spotlight - World of Raids

World of Raids is a general WoW site that offers many of the same features that you can find on more popular sites like Wowhead and MMO Champion. And certainly, there are similarities to those juggernauts. WoR boasts a robust forum community, Blue Post Tracker and Cataclysm updates, and tutorials and guides. The guides are hit & miss, with some being up-to-date and helpful for any player, while others are woefully out of date and will help you get the most out of your level 70 endgame character.

There are, however, a few aspects of the site that separate them from the aforementioned fare. The videos section is great for compiling numerous guild takedowns of particular bosses. Most of us have our go-to website for boss strategies, but my guild has often found alternative strategies used by other guilds to be useful when our initial strat fails. So instead of trolling through youtube videos looking for something new or helpful, this can be a quicker fix.

The forums, among numerous topics, have an excellent section dedicated to WoW Lore and Lore-based endeavors such as fan fictions and machinima.

These, in addition to the broad functionality and scope of the site, make it a one-stop shop for players looking for a new website to go for their WoW info and discussion.

The resource site spotlight is a “weekly” blog written by Arthemystia from warcrafthuntersunion.com, in his quest to find every useful WoW website on the internet.

Shared Topic: RP a scene with your Favorite Mount

Storytellers took last week’s Shared Topic by storm after Strumwulf of Strumwulf’s Page of Stories and Ideas came up with the great idea of RPing a scene with your favorite mount:

My idea is that we roleplay a scene with a mount your character has. It can be anything from how you acquired the mount to its death.

Getting imaginative were:

Sturmwulf of Strumwulf’s Page of Stories and Ideas

Ringo Flinthammer of Flinthammer Hall

RestoDude of RestoDude

Anaia of Tears of a Goddess

Erinys of The Harpy’s Nest

Zalduun of Blessing of Fish

Mishaweha of Me, myself…and all of them

Elkagorasa of Elkagorasa the Casual

Firestorm of She Can’t DPS

Herc of Herc the Merc

Apple of Apple’s Little Corner of Azeroth

Amaranth of Love and War in Azeroth

Big thanks to everyone who participated for your great stories!

This week’s Topic is also something artistic, but from a different angle. Pick out a screenshot or some artwork you did yourself and share the memories or story behind. Be sure to share a link to your post in the thread at Blog Azeroth.

As for other upcoming topics, we have:
What Should Give You Guild Rep?
Classic Meta achievements.
How your class is viewed

We’re running a bit low on topics, so if there’s something you’d like to see discussed across the Blogosphere, don’t be shy to make a suggestion at Blog Azeroth!

Shared Topic: What has WoW taught you?

Would ever consider placing anything WoW-related in your resume?

Obviously, whether or not to advertise the skills we’ve learned from an online video game depends on the job in question. But even when they don’t directly apply to your professional life, lessons from WoW still come in handy from time to time. Sindei, from 6 Inch Heals, suggested that, as last week’s Shared Topic, we mention some of the thing we’ve learned from World of Warcraft.

What has the World of Warcraft taught you? Did you learn about economics from playing the Auction House? Or learned the value of household chores from doing dailies? Or maybe WoW has impacted your real life in some other way. Maybe you even met your significant other in Azeroth! Write about something you’ve learned from WoW, or some other way it’s affected you in the real world.

Participating were:

Pndrv of Primetime Casual

Pindleskin of Misguilded

Sindei of Six Inch Heals

Sarindre of Through the Eyes of a Tree

Jaedia of The Lazy Sniper

Mashugana of My Two Alts

Kava of Evil Tree

Herculano of Herc the Merc

Poneria of Fel Concentration

Anexxia of Bible of Dreams

Gazimoff of Mana Obscura

Missed last week’s topic? That’s ok! You can always write a post and link back to it in this post. Or even better, join in this week’s topic! This week, we get into creative RP mode as we play out a scene with our favorite mount. Everyone who takes part in the topic then links back to their post in the appropriate thread at Blog Azeroth.

Also be sure to check out some other upcoming topics:
A Picture Tells a Thousand Words
What Should Give You Guild Rep?
Classic Meta achievements

Episode 95 - Dech and the PseudoID

We welcome Dechion from Dechion’s Place to the show this week. Big news? RealID in the Forums.. NOT! We discuss this “a little” in addition to, of course, a bunch of new Cataclysm stuff including some cool UI mods.



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