Episode 94 - Beta Cata Data

This week we welcome Lissanna from Restokin. Lissanna has been lucky enough to be involved in the Alpha and Beta of Cataclysm. She works hard to make sure that when we all get this expansion, the bugs have been squashed DEAD! But, she’s with us on this episode to talk about what we can expect so far for Cataclysm as a whole and Druids specifically.



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Episode 93 - Ruby and Jade

We welcome Windsoar from Jaded Alt this week! We talk about leveling, raiding and Blog Azeroth! 3.3.5 is out and with it finally, Ruby Sanctum opens up. We also talk quickly about WordPress 3.0 release and there are literally TONS of emails to go through.


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Shared Topic: Worldcup Warcraft

For last week’s Shared Topic, Pndrev of Primetime Casual came up with a highly imaginative and very actual topic: Worldcup Warcraft!

With the football world cup approaching quickly, nations around the globe get hyped up in a frenzy, waving flags, painting their faces in national colours and generally acting crazy.

In contrast to that, the rather serene atmosphere of Azeroth, where everybody is waiting for something big to happen, something Cataclysmic. Now imagine: What if, instead of laying waste to two continents, Deathwing actually came up and said “Let’s determine which race of Azeroth is best once and for all – by having the World Cup of Warcraft!”

Faction rivalries are set aside, each race is on it’s own, supporters are flooding to the capitals and embarking in ships to see their teams play.

Which race would win the Cup, and how?
Which crowd favourite dark horse would face them in the finals?
Which seemingly unbeatable team gets sent home after a devastating and surprising defeat in the first round?

Note: For fluff reasons you may include Worgen, Goblins, Murlocs, Dark Irons, Gnolls and whatever else seems to make up a large enough demographic while being reasonably intelligent.

Read all about it from

Jaramon at DeathCoil.org

Chyllyphylly at /elfis

Calsong at MindSpike

Pndrev at Primetime Casual

MelfinatheBlue at The WoW Noob

This upcoming week’s topic is about PvP and leaders in the battlegrounds. In every battleground, one person is appointed leader. Should that person have the responsibility to lead the group? What if the leader is inexperienced with pvp and battlegrounds? Should someone take over? Let the discussions begin! Then be sure to post a link to your post in the thread at Blog Azeroth.

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Resource Site Spotlight - Twink Info

Over at the Warcraft Hunter’s Union, we have a hunters-only guild on the main server of Frostheim, who runs the WHU. This huge collection of gun-toting lowbies allows us to run a number of insanely fun low-level events, like this one recently at lvl 19.

But in between events are large swaths of time where there’s not much to do in-game, but we can’t level past a certain point. So what’s a baby hunter to do? Twink ourselves out and wreck instances and BG’s, that’s what. So twinking, and twink gear, has become a prevalent concern.


Despite their superiority to every other class, hunters are not the only class that Twink Info caters to. There’s detailed information for every class in the form of gear lists, strategies, and commentary. The site also boasts an active forum and a convenient “Categories” tab that allows you to filter out information not related to your class or level. And while one might argue that level 80 “twinking” isn’t really true to the idea of twinking, there’s articles and discussion for that level as well.

So if you want to crush your way through PvP or are just interested in some awesome leveling gear, this is a great site to check out.

Shared Topic: What Needs to Die in a Fire in Cataclysm?

The Cataclysm is getting closer with each passing day and our Shared Topics have become increasingly more and more about the expansion. This week was no different as Spinks from Welcome to Spinksville! suggested we talk about things we believe need to change, or, erm, die in a fire with the rest of old Azeroth.

Cataclysm is coming! The old world is going to be destroyed and remade.

Which town, quest, NPC, or zone really needs to be purged with fire, in your opinion? Will you enjoy dancing on the ashes of a particularly hated quest giver? Or is there some zone you avoid like the plague (plaguelands excluded) where being nuked from orbit could only improve the experience? And why do you hate it/them so much?

Wanting stuff to die in a fire are:

Zan from Altoholics Anonymous

Morynne from Marks 365

Glassofwater from Not So Overpowered

Ecclesiasticaldiscipline from Ecclesiastical Discipline

Windsoar from Jaded Alt

Saga from Girls Don’t Play WoW

Ardol from WoW Philosophized

Chyllyphylly from Nerfed (although the link seems broken at the moment…)

Anexxia from Bible of Dreams

Dragonray from Arcane Ramblings

Calsong from Mind Spike

Antigen from Haz Mace, Will Raid

Sindei from Six-Inch Heals

Herculano from Herc the Merc

Manroth from At Runtime

Tarinae from A Healadin’s Tear

Flairn from The Cognisance Council

This upcoming week’s Shared Topic is another very current topic, but completely different from Cataclysm. It’s Fifa World Cup, Warcraft style! Bring some of the World Cup fever to your game by blogging on how the World Cup would pan out if it took place in Azeroth, then be sure to post a link in the thread at Blog Azeroth!

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And as usual, we’re always looking forward to seeing new topic suggestions, so if there’s a topic you’d love to see discussed across the blogosphere, don’t be shy! Suggest it in the Shared Topic forum at Blog Azeroth.

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