Special Episode – It Came From The Podcast Give Away

Welcome to a Special Episode.. No, not of the Twisted Nether Blogcast! But of the immensely spooky “IT CAME FROM THE PODCAST” Giveaway 2009! Twisted Nether, The Hunting Lodge, Pugcast and /2 came together for one crazy night. Fighting lag, random number generators and ghostly show notes that just seemed to disappear at times, […]

TNB Live Friday 11/6 8:00pm PST – It Came From The Podcast Multicast GiveAWAY

Join us tonight for a SPOOKY extravaganza as we enter the funhouse and we give away FABULOUS prizes including the Grand Prize of ONE Figureprints Statue for our “It Came From The Podcast Multi-Cast Give Away”. We will be joined by the hosts from Slash2 Podcast, The Hunting Lodge Podcast, Pugcast and (of course) […]

Episode 65 – A Dae In The Life

We welcome Daewin from the Hunting Lodge Podcast this week as we talk Race change, podcasting anecdotes and the nature of ballerina warlocks!

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Episode 64 – Round the Campfire


This week we have a 3.3 Round table with Matticus(World of Matticus), Stoneybaby(Big Hit Box), Graylo(Gray Matter), Honorshammer(Honor’s Code) and Saresa (Destructive Reach) .

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TNB Live Thursday 10/29 8:00pm PDT – Daewin of The Hunting Lodge Podcast

Join us for a special Thursday night recording at 8:00PM PDT as we’ll be talking with Daewin from The Hunting Lodge Podcast. We’ll be doing our whole show live!

Listen in our LIVE chat room and we’ll take questions (and hopefully answer them if we can). When is it?: This live show is scheduled […]